College of Postgraduate Medicine

In association with the University of Central Nicaragua, Texila American University offers postgraduate medicine programs. All our PG medicine programs are unique and to help doctors specialize in medical specialties of their interest with ease. Choose one to set up a demanding career in the ever-booming medical industry!

Fellowship with Master of Medicine/Master of Surgery

(With Intensive Training for the Royal College Exams)

Our Fellowship with Master of Medicine/Master of Surgery is a PG medical program. Doctors with MBBS degree can take up this course and get specialized in a medical specialty. It provides doctors with clinical and medical skills required to become experts in their specialty. Besides, it offers extensive training for the exams of the Royal College of the UK.

Fellowship (MMSc)

Our MMSc is a unique program that allows medical students to expand their professional horizons and obtain additional certification to strengthen their professional competence. The program allows working professionals to further specialize in their areas of interest without having to compromise their clinical commitments.

Fellowship in Non-Invasive Cardiology

This fellowship program is designed specifically for doctors to build on your existing knowledge, skills and experience and develop mastery in the clinical and service aspects of Cardiology. In order to encourage and nurture our students, we have designed our Fellowship Education Curriculum with both theoretical and clinical components. This deals with observing patients and subsequently involving themselves in the overall process of learning-applying in the aspect of patient care and treatment.

Master of Medicine/ Master of Surgery

The general objective of this program is to provide premier education and training, both in theoretical and clinical aspects. The program offers training in various medical fields where students learn unique skills, training and gain extensive experience. Similar programs are very much in vogue in countries like United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia. the Master of Medicine/ Master of Surgery is a joint program by TAU and UCN.

PhD in Medical sciences

Our PhD in Medicine is a blended doctoral program in medicine designed for students who are interested in academic or research careers by enabling them to integrate 3 years research along with their clinical education. The program enables candidates to get an in-depth insight into various areas of medicine strengthening their core skills in conducting research. Through this program, candidates gain the advantage of polishing their analytical and innovative skills in order to apply it in their future research work.

Magister Chirurgiae (Mch)

Our exclusive master’s program (MCh) in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery specialization for orthopedic surgeons to gain in-depth knowledge of the latest advances in surgical techniques. This program can be learned through a blended learning mode that can fit flexibly around the doctor’s clinical commitments. Our MCh in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery is designed for the impending orthopedic surgeons and senior surgeons who want to upgrade their skills in this medical specialty.

mch program

Note for Indian Students: Our PG Medicine programs are not recognized by MCI

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