Upgrade Your Educational Qualification with Our PG Medicine and Online Degrees

Our PG medicine and online degree courses are well-designed and coupled with advanced training in various disciplines. Upon taking a course, they can explore better career opportunities in medicine, healthcare, management, and so on. Are you a working professional and want to upgrade your educational qualification? We have solutions custom-made for you.


In association with the IAU-UNESCO-listed University of Central Nicaragua, Texila American University offers PG medicine and online degree courses. It ranges from bachelor’s to doctorate degrees. Such courses help students upgrade their educational qualifications in varied sectors. It includes medicine, social work, public administration, business administration, public health, and so on.

Popular Programs

Fellowship with Master

Fellowship with Master of Medicine/Master of Surgery

(With Training for the Exams of Royal College of the UK)

This Fellowship with Master of Medicine/Master of Surgery program is exclusively for doctors. It helps them get specialized in their area of interest with ease. Therefore, it helps them upgrade their medical knowledge, clinical skills, and experience in a wide range of medical specialties. This unique PG medicine program offers extensive training for the exams of Royal Colleges of the UK.


  • The program is hospital-based where students will take their classes in university-affiliated teaching hospitals.
  • Students can get their course materials on our user-friendly, online learning management system.
  • It paves ways to explore better career opportunities in the UK, Middle East, Africa, or Asia.
  • The program also offers structured training through clinical course work, tests, and research.
  • Students get access to valuable resources and training from qualified faculty.


  • MRCP – Membership of the Royal College of Physicians
  • MRCS – Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons
  • MRCOG – Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • FRCR – Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists
  • MRCPCh – Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Master of Public Administration

2 Years

Online Program

Our Master of Public Administration program focuses on public administration principles, policy development and management, and implementation of policies. Thereby, we prepare candidates to deal with public administration challenges and develop solutions regarding public finances, human resources, and leadership. The scope of our public administration course is to help individuals manage emerging complexities in public institutions.

Master of Social Work

2 Years

Online Program

Our Master of Social Work program paves better ways for students to become licensed social workers. We enabled this online program with a curriculum to help students acquire the required knowledge to explore exciting career opportunities. In addition to it, our subject-specific guidance will enhance them to work for their communities’ well-being. This social work online program allows students to become a qualified social worker in society.

Online PhD Programs

3 Years

Online Program

We offer various online PhD programs under our School of Research. Programs include medicine, public health, management, nursing, clinical research, alternative medicine, social work, sociology, library science, public administration, and so on. It offers a platform for research scholars to further their studies and a PhD degree without leaving their jobs. By the way, we help students study at their pace and get a doctorate amidst their busy schedules.

Why Choose Us?


Best-in-Class Online Learning Management System


Tailored, International Standard Curriculum


Highly Qualified, Experienced Faculty from Across the Globe


Academic Partnership with Renowned University of Central Nicaragua


BLOCK-Based Learning Methodology and Continuous Assessment Pattern


Outcome-Based Academic Delivery

Unique BRICS Learning Methodology

Texila American University uses a unique BRICS methodology to deliver its online degree courses. BRICS is a block-based teaching-learning methodology designed exclusively for online degree courses. Moreover, we structured all our online programs to help working professionals upgrade their educational qualifications without leaving their job!

Bricks Model

Module-Based Curriculum That Focuses on the Core Competency and Skills

Intense and Continuous Faculty and Moderator Support

Study Materials and Learning Resources Prepared Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

Personalized Support from Student Mentors Throughout the Program

Opportunity to Participate in Forum Discussions

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