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A Post Graduate in Medicine has become a necessity to command respect among patients. To do PG medicine in India, you will have to get a NEET score. Your NEET score will decide your specialty and the college for PG. It can be frustrating for many doctors to be turned down for admission. Why face this frustrating experience when you can join Texila post-graduate medicine program in a few simple steps?

Texila offers PG Medicine courses for qualified doctors who want to join a postgraduate program in medicine. The admission process is transparent, simple, and hassle-free.

There is an extensive range of programs to choose from. Royal College Training in Internal Medicine (MRCP), Royal College Training in OB-GYN (MRCOG), Royal College Training in Radiology (FRCR), Royal College Training in Surgery (MRCS), Royal College Training in Pediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH), and Royal College Training in Clinical Cardiology with Critical care…just for examples. Candidates are advised to start the joining process early and move ahead in their profession.

Fellowship in Internal Medicine

(MRCP Clinical Premier Training)

An MBBS degree with an Indian Medical Council registration is a basic qualification to become a doctor in India. If you want to specialize in Internal Medicine, you can join our Royal College Training program. It takes 3 years to complete the fellowship program (MRCP). It is an alternative to doing an MD (Internal Medicine).  

Texila offers quality MRCP training by experienced faculty in Indian hospitals. TAU accepts online applications for MRCP.  

Fellowship in internal Medicine

Fellowship in OB-GYN

(MRCOG Clinical Premier Training)

Anyone with an MBBS and aspiring to become a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology can do a fellowship. The Texila offers fellowship Program along with MRCOG training in Indian hospitals. The MRCOG Qualification is considered equivalent to an MS in OB-GYN in India.  

You can apply online for Royal College Training (MRCOG) on this page for the 3-year training program. Apply early for enrolment.   

Fellowship in Radiology

(FRCR Clinical Premier Training)

There is a big demand for radiologists all over the world. To become a radiologist, you can join an MD radiology program with a NEET score. Or, you can complete a radiologist fellowship (FRCR) and become a specialist radiologist. The least qualification for joining the Royal College Training program is an MBBS. Besides, you should also have a permanent registration with the Indian Medical council. 

fellowship in surgery

Fellowship in Surgery

(MRCS Clinical Premier Training)

Doctors with an MBBS prefer to do MS or a Royal College Training in surgery. Texila offers training for fellowship with MRCS Training at top hospitals in India. To join the MRCS training program, you do not need NEET PG. For joining the training program, you must be a permanent member of the Indian Medical Council. Join Texila and become an MRCS in 3 years. Apply today itself  

Fellowship in Paediatrics and Child Health

(MRCPCH Clinical Premier Training)

You can join (MRCPCH) for a Royal College Training in pediatrics and child health and get the same skill as an MD children specialist. You do not need a NEET PG score. You will get practice in leading hospitals in India. Training will be under experienced children’s specialists. The Texila provides training for those who have passed the MBBS course and have registered with the Indian Medical Council.


Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology with Critical care

To become a heart specialist, you can do a Royal College Training in Clinical Cardiology with Critical Care in leading hospitals in India. The basic qualification to take the Royal College exam is an MBBS and permanent membership of the Indian Medical Council. The fellow is equal to a PG. You do not need a NEET score to do a fellowship. Apply with Texila and become a Cardiologist within 2 years.

PG Master Program (Blended)

If you have completed an MBBS or an equal degree, then PG Master’s Program is for you. PG Master Program is a 2-year course that will focus on Diabetology. Texila offering this program under a partnership arrangement. The salient features of the course are block-based learning, continuous assessments, online theory exams, and evaluation. You can continue with your current medical practice and do the program too.

Master of Medicine/ Master of Surgery

Master of Medicine/ Master of Surgery

The general objective of this program is to provide premier education and training, both in theoretical and clinical aspects. The program offers training in various medical fields where students learn unique skills, training and gain extensive experience. Similar programs are very much in vogue in countries like United Kingdom, Australia and Malaysia. the Master of Medicine/ Master of Surgery is a joint program by texila.

PhD in Medical sciences

Ph.D. in Medical Sciences is the ultimate educational attainment one can achieve in the field of medicine. You can do Ph.D. if you have completed one of the following degrees – MS/MD, DNB, or UK Royal College Exam Membership in the Chosen Specialization. A Master’s Degree in Medical Specialty is also accepted for doing Ph.D. in medical science. For enrolment, you should apply to Texila.

Phd in Medical science
mch program

Magister Chirurgiae (Mch)

Our exclusive master’s program (MCh) in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery specialization for orthopedic surgeons to gain in-depth knowledge of the latest advances in surgical techniques. This program can be learned through a blended learning mode that can fit flexibly around the doctor’s clinical commitments. Our MCh in Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery is designed for the impending orthopedic surgeons and senior surgeons who want to upgrade their skills in this medical specialty.

Note for Indian Students: Our PG Medicine programs are not recognized by MCI

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