Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology with Critical care


With a mere MBBS, it is practically impossible to progress as a doctor. There are different programs that you can do to become a specialist. One of them is a clinical cardiology fellowship. You can do a Fellowship in clinical cardiology with critical care medicine in India after MBBS. Aspiring doctors who have registered with their respective Medical Council can apply for the fellowship and continue with the specialization.

To impart all-around competence you will take rotations in different departments as per requirements. The heads of different departments will guide you during the fellowship training. You will also review contemporary articles as per your subjects.

The critical care course after MBBS is a hospital-based program that you can complete in India. Texila provides training to get your Fellowship Training at one of the many approved hospitals. The curriculum is structured and you will work with highly experienced faculties. Intake is often limited, so kindly take the initiative at the earliest.


2 Years


  • MBBS from a Recognized University
  • Registered with Respective National Medical Commission


  • Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology with Critical care

Teaching Methodology

  • Hospital-based teaching
  • Rotations in departments where required
  • Guided by the head of department and program consultant
  • Acquire clinical training, skills, and knowledge through training in hospitals and clinics
  • Review of contemporary articles in the concerned subject

List of Associated Hospitals

  • Bankers Heart Institute, Vadodara
  • Rhythm Heart Institute, Vadodara
  • Sterling Hospital, Vadodara
  • SAL Hospital, Ahmedabad
  • Heart & General Hospital, Jaipur
  • Kalra Hospital, Delhi
  • Metro Heart Institute, Faridabad
  • Desun Hospital, Kolkata
  • Usha Cardiac Centre Ltd., Vijayawada
  • SSB hospital, Faridabad
  • Ramesh Hospital, Guntur

  • Ramesh Hospital, Vijayawada
  • Sangamitra Hospital (Unit of Ramesh Hospital), Ongole
  • KIMS Hospital, Rajahmundry
  • Aster Prime Hospital, Hyderabad
  • Global Hospitals, Hyderabad
  • Virinchi Hospitals, Hyderabad
  • Trinity Hospital, Bangalore
  • National Heart Institute, Delhi
  • Anu Hospital, Vijayawada
  • Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad

Why Choose Us?

  • Well-structured Program with an international curriculum
  • Attractive stipend while learning the course
  • Faculty-driven and interactive program
  • Real-time and hands-on training on the Clinical procedures
  • Unlimited access to online resources, e-books, and so on
  • Individualized support from student mentors and academic advisors

Faculty and Support

We take pride in delivering world-class educational services through highly qualified faculty and extended support team.


We have faculty from across the globe. They are committed to delivering quality education and timely support, thereby helping students complete their courses on time. By giving valuable feedback, they make students fit for their intended career.

Student Mentors

Our student mentors are designated to deliver personalized support to students. They will be by the side of students to guide throughout the program tenure. With their help, it will be easy for students to complete their courses on time.

Academic Advisors

Our academic advisors will guide, develop, and manage comprehensive academic activities. They also render the faculty support to the students on submission and evaluation to complete their assignments on time.

Academic Head

Our academic heads have vast experience. They provide expert guidance to the students to ensure that their period of study is smooth and effortless. Students can reach them through email, skype, or telephone calls.

Online Resources

We understand that academic resources are a vital aspect of succeeding in your doctoral program. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that our online resources are always up-to-date and of the highest quality.


We publish Texila International Journal periodically. All our students can access it. Since its inception in 2012, we have published an extensive collection of articles. Such journal articles will be extremely useful for your thesis and dissertation research and planning.

LIRN & Springer Publishing

Students enrolled in the program will get free access to various online resources from LIRN & Springer Publishing for references. It includes e-books, national and international journals, videos, question banks, etc. Accordingly, it helps them widen their knowledge and stay updated with the current trends in the field of study.

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Student Testimonials

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How Can I Become a Cardiologist in India?

Taking up a Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology with Critical Care course at TAU would be the easiest way to become a cardiologist in India. It is a Fellowship program that helps your gain cardiology skills in a real-time, hospital environment.

Is This Clinical Cardiology with Critical Care Fellowship Worthy?

Definitely, it has been proved worthy by our alumni who have taken this course and stood as the witness for the success of this unique course. Many have moved one step ahead in their medical career after completing this fellowship Clinical cardiology in India at Texila .

How Long Will It Take to Complete Clinical Cardiology with Critical Care Course?

TAU’s Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology with Critical Care is for 2 years.

Can I Take This Course in My City?

Please check out the list of hospitals. If your city is listed there, you can take up your Clinical Cardiology with Critical Care fellowship there.

Will I Get a Degree Certificate for This Cardiology Course?

Yes. You will be getting your Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology with Critical Care course certificate Upon Completion of the course

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