Fellowship in Diabetes Management

Program Details


A well structured Fellowship in Basic Diabetics Management course is designed to equip the trainee to prevent the onset of disease by creating awareness through continuous medical education, to increase the life span of diabetic patients by offering proper treatment methodologies, regular check-ups and to reduce the incidence of complications.

During the course the candidates will be trained in different aspects of the inpatient and outpatient care of diabetes. They will also be exposed to the management of various diabetes complications through postings in the diabetic eye unit, diabetic heart unit, foot clinic and intensive care. They will also have the opportunity to obtain a flavor of research in diabetes. At the end of the Course the candidate will be fully competent to deal with any type of diabetes patient as well as with diabetes complications of any degree of severity.


6 Months


  • MBBS or equivalent degree with MCI registration.

Training Topics

  • Definition and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Associated comorbidities – Obesity, PCOS, Prediabetes
  • Diabetic Dyslipidemia
  • Pathophysiology of Type 2 DM
  • Pathophysiology of Type 1 DM
  • Secondary Diabetes Mellitus
  • Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
  • Diabetes in Young
  • Non-pharmacological treatment of DM
  • Oral Anti-Diabetic Drugs for treatment of DM
  • Insulin – The journey over last 100 years
  • Insulin regimens in the treatment of DM
  • Newer agents in the treatment of DM
  • Acute Complications – Hypoglycemia – recognition, prevention and treatment
  • Acute Complications – Diabetic ketoacidosis – evaluation and management
  • Chronic Complications – Microvascular Complications
  • Chronic Complications – Macrovascular Complications
  • Diabetic Foot
  • Monitoring in Diabetic patients
  • Patient education – Diet, Lifestyle and self monitoring
  • Patient education – Insulin injection & Sick day schedule
  • Patient Education – Foot care
  • Future of diabetes care

Teaching Methodology

  • Short Term Program (STP) is based on giving the students wider clinical exposure and Hands-on Training in a particular specialisation
  • Continuous assessment and evaluation by the Senior Consultants of the Hospitals/ Clinical sites
  • Theory and Clinical examination upon successful completion of the program

Why Choose Us?

  • STP will be conducted in Hospitals which are accredited by TAU only as per our Standards
  • Training will be given by top Consultants who are Masters in the field with Huge experience
  • Our training centres will be only in the major Metro cities.
  • Training gives Trainees connectivity to Professional world wide network of consultants of TAU

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Note : New Intake for Fellowship in Diabetes Management program is currently not open.

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