School of Public Health

Public Health is the science of safeguarding the health of families and communities through education, policy making, research and organized efforts by involving society, organizations (public and private), communities and individuals. It also involves preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting health & well being.

Bachelor of Public Health

Our Bachelor of Public Health program trains students in individual fields of biological research with a focus on understanding, preventing and treating diseases affecting large populations.


  • Higher National Diploma in Public Health from a recognized university
  • O level + Diploma (3 years) in relevant field
  • A level + Diploma (2 or 3 years) in relevant field

Duration: 2 Years


Master of Public Health (MPH)

Texila American University empowers students to develop innovative solutions to complex health challenges, including chronic and communicable diseases. Our MPH program is designed to ensure that students are capable of creating a healthier environment in their society. We prepare out students to understand, analyse, and lay the groundwork for a healthier tomorrow.


PhD in Public Health (96 Credits & 120 credits)

Our doctoral course in public health is designed to propose an evidence-based intervention or policy solution for any significant public health problem


  • Master degree in Public Health/Medical Science from recognized university- 96 credits
  • Master degree in Health Science from recognized university- 120 credits

Duration: 96 credits - 3 years, 120 credits - 3.5 years


Doctor of Public Health Administration (DPHA)

The Doctor of Public Health Administration degree program is an interdepartmental offering intended for experienced public health professionals who seek advanced training for leadership positions in public health.As an experienced public health practitioner, you’ll get the advanced training and credentials you need to move into a leadership position, whatever your specialty area within public health.