School of Business Management and Public Administration

Texila's School of Business Management (SOBM) prepares you to acquire leadership skills required to manage businesses in today's unprecedented global competition. With fast changing socio-economic scenario and plethora of choices, consumer is truly a moving target now. Today's competitive business climate requires businesses to develop critical management approaches to respond positively to changing market dynamics and customer preferences.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Texila American University’s BBA program is designed to provide a solid base in the field of management and administration. It is one of our most coveted programs and opens up a world of opportunities for students. Students can work in various fields ranging from marketing to education.


Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

TAU Master program in Business Administration incorporates various management skills to the students in a more interactive manner. The program will equip the students to face the business environment with lot of confidence and also will kindle the underlying skills of the students to face the global business challenges.

Masters of Business Administration
Executive MBA

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) - Executive

Executive MBA Program, at Texila American University, can help you move up the career ladder faster and acquire professional leadership competencies to take on management positions in with larger responsibilities. The program covers elements of new business practices, modern management theories and innovations in business management.


Ph.D in Management

PhD in Management at Texila American University helps you gain scholarly knowledge over current management concepts and business practices. The program allows you to formulate new strategies for leading people in an increasingly connected global society. The program will prepare you to explore wide ranging career opportunities in academics, research and business consulting domains. Case studies, Contextual and Capstone projects are part of the program aimed at enhancing student's knowledge in the real time scenarios of business across the globe.

PHD in Management
Doctor of Business Administration

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

TAU Doctoral program in Business Administration provides rich, advanced education for senior Leadership roles.DBA programs are designed to provide professionals and executives with advanced tools and research skills needed for strategic planning and decision making. DBA program develops the research-based solutions for contemporary business challenges, innovate and emerge as thought leaders and change agents.