PhD in Theology by Research

Introduction & Certification Body

Our PhD program in Theology by Research for the students who wish to embrace a teaching career in colleges, universities, and seminaries, or to hold positions of leadership in churches or social service and social justice agencies.

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Duration & Eligibility
3 Years

Master Degree in a relevant field. Relevant professional experience

Salient Features
  • Able to demonstrate knowledge of the basic categories of theological reflection: biblical, historical, systematic and ethical.
  • Conduct advanced scholarly research and writing that makes an original contribution to the discipline that is significant for religious communities, academy, and society.
  • Equips students with a set of knowledge, skills, competencies, and principles that will make them effective professionals in their area of expertise.


  • Block Subjects Credits
    I Religion, Psychology, and Culture 4
    II Current Trends in International Theology 4
    III Contemporary Theology and Theologians 4
    Capstone Project I (Block: I, II, III) 1
    IV World Religions Perspectives 4
    V Theological Research 4
    VI Systematic Theology 4
    Capstone Project II (Block: IV, V, VI) 1
    VII Theological Foundations for Development 4
    VIII Theology of Poverty and Development 4
    IX Contemporary Views of God 4
    X-XVIII Thesis Work: Term reports (Five) 32
    Final Thesis Report Submission
    E- conference
    Total Credits 70

Learning Methodology

The core learning methodology includes BBRRIICCSS models, Forum Discussions, Case Studies, Contextual Project Work, Article Review and Research Project. BRICS model is a uniquely designed methodology


Why Choose Us?

  • Study online using our Learning Management System
  • Tailored, international standard curriculum
  • Experienced faculty from around the world
  • Academic partnership with University of Central Nicaragua
  • Student-focussed learning methodologies
  • Outcome based academic delivery
Why Choose Texila


  • How Do I Apply?

    You can apply online by clicking here. Fill the application form with all the relevant information and our Enrollment Advisor will call you for more details.

  • When will a decision be made on my application?
  • Do I need to travel to University for Examinations?

    No. We conduct the proctored Examinations including viva-voice.

  • How do I get guidance for the Doctoral/PhD programs?

    Students should identify their own Guide and get approved by the University. The University will also support the students by providing a Co-Guide.

  • How do I get academic discussions and clarifications?

    Academic Discussions & Clarifications will be done through Student - Faculty Interactions and Forum Discussions.