Doctor of Public Health Administration

Introduction & Certification Body

The Doctor of Public Health Administration degree program is an interdepartmental offering intended for experienced public health professionals who seek advanced training for leadership positions in public health.As an experienced public health practitioner, you’ll get the advanced training and credentials you need to move into a leadership position, whatever your specialty area within public health.

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Duration & Eligibility
3 Years

Students may have any masters degree

Students must have minimum 5 years of Administrative experience in Public Health Sectors

Salient Features
  • It develops for high-level leadership to make a difference in the fields of public health and health care.
  • Ability to provide responsible strategic and operational guidance within public and private organizations to achieve individual and community health and wellbeing.
  • Helps to learn how to address complex problems of public health policy and use advanced analytical and managerial tools to lead organizational and societal change.


  • Theory Research Work Credits
    Introduction to Public Health Practice - 4
    Epidemiology - 4
    Social and Behavioral Health Identification of Guide and Approval of Guide 4
    Capstone Project - 2
    Environmental Concepts in Public Health - 4
    Advanced Application of Practice-Based Research in Public Health Research proposal submission 4
    Public Health Leadership and Systems Thinking Research Proposal Presentation 4
    Article Review 2
    Research Work Term 1 report & Approval 10
    Term 2 report & Approval Journal Publications (8) E-conference(2)
    Term 3 report & Approval Journal Publications (8) E-conference(2) 52
    Rough draft Thesis Submission Thesis submission
    Total Credits 90

Credit System: Program is following US credit system. One US credit consists of 15 hrs. Of online lectures and faculty student’s interactions, 30 hours of self-directed studies, assessment and research activities

Learning Methodology

The core learning methodology includes BBRRIICCSS models, Forum Discussions, Case Studies, Contextual Project Work, Article Review and Research Project. BRICS model is a uniquely designed methodology


Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive network of students from different nationalities and professional backgrounds
  • Flexible online programs at par with on-campus programs
  • Interactive curriculum with block-based learning modules
  • Internationally recognized degree
  • Opportunity to explore your true potential as a business professional
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