Doctor of Business Administration


TAU Doctoral program in Business Administration provides rich, advanced education for senior Leadership roles.DBA programs are designed to provide professionals and executives with advanced tools and research skills needed for strategic planning and decision making. DBA program develops the research-based solutions for contemporary business challenges, innovate and emerge as thought leaders and change agents.

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Duration & Eligibility
3 Years

Any Master’s degree & 3+ years of managerial experience

Salient Features
  • Analyze and interpret organizations operating in an increasingly global, diverse and technological environment
  • Develop the leadership principles, theories, and skills required to enhance organizational performance
  • Apply the concepts of ethical and sustainable leadership to manage change and optimize organizational performance
  • Implement professional research studies and analysis to address practical business issues


  • Theory Research Work Credits
    Principles of Management 4
    Accounting and Finance for Decision Making 4
    Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology for Applied Business Research Identification of Guide and Approval of Guide 4
    Capstone Project 2
    Strategic Management 4
    Leading Organizational Change Research proposal submission 4
    Leadership and Empowerment Research Proposal Presentation 4
    Article Review 2
    Research Work Term 1 report & Approval 10
    Term 2 report & Approval Journal Publications (8) E-conference(2)
    Term 3 report & Approval Journal Publications (8) E-conference(2) 52
    Rough draft Thesis Submission Thesis submission
    Thesis submission
    Total Credits 90

    Credit System: Program is following US credit system.Each credit consists of 15 hrs.’ of online lectures and faculty student’s interactions, 30 hours of self-directed studies, assessment and research activities.

Learning Methodology

We at Texila use BBRRIICCSS Method. BBRRIICCSS (BRICS) is a uniquely designed teaching learning methodology designed for the distance and online learning program where students will learn the subjects in blocks. Block based learning is dedicated learning of one subject at a time, which focuses on more immersed learning. Each block is for 2 months or 8 weeks.


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  • Study online using our Learning Management System
  • Tailored, international standard curriculum
  • Experienced faculty from around the world
  • Academic partnership with University of Central Nicaragua
  • Student-focussed learning methodologies
  • Outcome based academic delivery
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