Bachelor of Public Health

Introduction & Certification Body

Our Bachelor of Public Health program trains students in individual fields of biological research with a focus on understanding, preventing and treating diseases affecting large populations.

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Duration & Eligibility
2 Years

Higher National Diploma in Public Health from a recognized university
O level + Diploma (3 years) in relevant field
A level + Diploma (2 or 3 years) in relevant field

  • Earn an internationally recognized degree
  • 4500 students from 70+ countries
  • LMS access to all the students with no addition costs


  • Block Subjects Credits
    I Introduction to Public Health 4
    II Principles of Epidemiology 4
    III Basics of Biostatistics 4
    Capstone Project -I 2
    IV Health and Disease 4
    VI Public Health Informatics 4
    Capstone Project-II 2
    VII Basics of Social and Behavioral Health 4
    VIII Maternal and Child Health 4
    IX Nutrition and Health 4
    Capstone Project-III 2
    X Communicable and Non- Communicable Diseases 4
    XI Health Management and Policy 4
    XII Public Health Policy and Practice 4
    Project Report, E- Conference 6
    Total Credits 60

Teaching Method

We at Texila use BBRRIICCSS Method. BBRRIICCSS (BRICS) is a uniquely designed teaching learning methodology designed for the distance and online learning program where students will learn the subjects in blocks. Block based learning is dedicated learning of one subject at a time, which focuses on more immersed learning. Each block is for 2 months or 8 weeks.


Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive network of students from different nationalities and professional backgrounds
  • Flexible online programs at par with on-campus programs
  • Interactive curriculum with block-based learning modules
  • Internationally recognized degree
  • Opportunity to explore your true potential as a business professional
Why Choose Texila

Student Testimonials


Miagul Sahar

I am very happy and thanks from TAU Staff to provide all the academic material on time for students and I will encourage all my colleague and friend to Join with TAU Program.


Sydney Sichivula

My experience during my studies was very good. I would get answers to my queries. It was very appropriate with my work schedule. I found pursue very fulfilling and enjoyable.My mentors are very supportive through out the studies.The weeky test are very different. Thanks to TAU.